Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sunrise - New Play by Steven Bailey

Hello, 2013!

It's been a busy couple of weeks with school starting back, but great things are in store for the Play Orphans. 2012 was a great year to start out with: We've reached over 100 followers on Twitter, Little Red is finished, and new ideas are being developed. Anna and I got married in October. Marcus and I are teaching during the week, and Anna is still fixing "Ironclad" to finish off the Grimm Challenge of last year. 2013 is already shaping up to be an even better year!

Since Marcus announced his new play idea of "The Slave and the Master," I thought I'd talk a little bit about my new play, titled "Sunrise." The piece is going to be much shorter than Little Red. Right now, I'm aiming at a twenty-minute play.

The play is about Robert, a nineteen-year old boy who goes to his thinking spot early in the morning after discovering the girl he liked has been dating someone for a while. Heartbroken and crushed, he goes to rethink things and deal with the pain. There, he meets Beth, who has also come to his thinking spot trying to escape her own troubles.

The play will deal with the theme of holding onto pain. If pain and heartache are so bad, why do we hold on to them so much? Can we really enjoy the happy times in life without a little suffering? Sometimes, it takes a little pushing to realize that life is too short to let heartaches and misery take control of our lives. In the end, it really is better to let the pain go and keep pursuing a better tomorrow. Life is short, but always full of possibilities.

The play is still in the writing process, and does draw on some inspiration from things I've seen and experienced in my own life. I had a thinking spot in the form of the forest that was in my back yard during high school. Plus, the image of a sunrise--which is always a treat to see--bears some metaphors for life. Sometimes my stories begin visually, with an image. This one began with the striking image of a vibrantly red sunrise so early in the morning that everything else was nearly reduced to black silhouettes. Something about the sun rising (or really, the earth tilting so we get more sunlight) and unveiling more colors really speaks to the idea of starting new and living a full life.

I'll keep you updated on when the play will be performance-ready. Thankfully, it won't take nearly as long as Little Red did.

Expect another challenge to pop up soon. It's mine, but we want to wait until everything from the Grimm challenge gets wrapped up.

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements!

PO Steven