Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Slave and the Master- New Play by P.O. Marc

Hey there Gang!

It's been quite some time since I've last gotten to speak to you. Hope you're doing well as we Play Orphans have been doing extremely well! 2012 definitely encouraged us to put our best foot forward in the theatre world and 2013 will be no different. As we continue our own separate ventures, never think that we have forgotten you! Since many of our readers are fellow theatre artists, I think you all understand all too well about our busy schedules.

Still, as Steven mentioned, I have had a lot of my time taken up by teaching! As I try and "kill my twenties," I've taken an honest liking to teaching Drama. Working with young artists is a pleasure and they, in turn, are helping me become a better artist by teaching me how to articulate and how to approach a character in several different ways. Needless to say, my actor's notebook is being filled. I've also been inspired to write a brand new play I am calling "The Slave and the Master." It's going to be another full length play about the vast majority of African Americans being their own slave and master. It's sure to be quite thought provoking and hopefully inspire a call to action. It's far beyond being even partially ready because of my schedule, but it's nice to start writing again.

I hope to include more information about my progress as I continue on! The Play Orphanage is still open for business so please be sure to stop by periodically and check to see about new content!

-P.O. Marc Laroy

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