Sunday, December 23, 2012

Little Red is Completed!

Hey gang!

Just a quick post announcing that after a year of starts and stops, writes and rewrites, and major life-changes, Little Red is finally complete! (There! See? I finished the first challenge after all! Better late than never!)

I have to say, it was a good exercise in researching before writing, but a beast in terms of finding the time to write and revise it. I'm actually glad to be done with it and move onto happier stories.

WARNING: THIS IS A DARK PLAY. It depicts a dark time in the late Victorian slums of England. It's set about a year before the infamous Jack the Ripper slayings on which much of the story drew its designs from. The fairy tale is obviously "Little Red Riding Hood" blended in with Jack the Ripper's London. The Wolf is a serial killer who slays prostitutes in the late Victorian period London.

The original draft done back in February - aside from having a few unfinished scenes - suffered from being exclusively inspired by the Ripper legacy. I went back and researched the fairy tale to try and represent it more faithfully and translate that into the world of the play. Some basic things were there, such as the Wolf being the killer, Little Red earning her name for wearing a red cloak when she hit the streets, and her having to go see Grandmother. However, I hadn't figured out a way to realistically represent the famous "Grandmother! What big eyes you have!" until I realized that the characters needed to write the story, not me. I just needed to type out what I saw them doing.

The end result is bleak, full of language and dialogue not suitable for anyone under thirteen (nay, let's make it sixteen. If PG-16 were a rating, I'd give it that). However, even in the midst of such ugly violence and overbearing hopelessness, there is always a hope, however faint, that things will get better.

Can't wait to share with you all,

P.O. Steven