Sunday, November 18, 2012

An Update in Time for Thanksgiving

Hey gang,

Work has been slow as all of us play orphans have had been busy. I wanted to give a much-needed update on the status of our blog and endeavors. We have not forgotten you!

Marcus has been teaching high school while Anna and I have tied the knot. I've also been teaching in the meantime.

Work on Little Red was intended to be complete by the end of last Summer, but once I got the job, it had to once again be put on hold. Now that the holidays are upon us, I fully expect the script will be ready soon (as in, before the year is out).

I also would like to announce that in keeping with the second challenge, which is to finish a play you've started, I am also writing a play about theatre people. It's a comedy about the actors and crew who forget to enjoy their work and turn the theatre into a hostile battleground of drama, spotlights, and neverending random dance numbers. In short, it will be a stark contrast to the melancholy and dark tone of "Little Red."

That's all for the update now, but just know we have not abandoned you, faithful bloggers! Big things are coming.

- P.O. Steven

PS: There are literally three scenes left in "Little Red" that need revising. I was unable to finish in time last summer, but one thing that I've been preparing for and has helped me thus far with the revision has been to model those scenes in the 2nd act more closely to the original fairy tale. Get ready for one dark read.

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